The purpose of this post is to share an idea that I've been bouncing around for the last few days. So far I've shared it with friends, and got a wide range of feedback. This has ranged from "Sounds like a great idea" to "Actually have you thought about this" to "Please sir, take your seat. I'm a bus driver; not your friend". So, I thought I should go ahead and share it on here, and see if I could gather some feedback.

The Idea

"What is this idea then?"
Simply put; it's a Dating app. Yep, another one. They seem to be a dime a dozen really. But what I'm trying to build is something a little different; you can't view a person's photos.

Ok, that's not strictly true. To view the other person's photos requires "work". Effectively, I want to get users learning about each other, before seeing each other. Here's how I plan to do it:

  • Person A searches (or is presented with), and finds Person B.
  • Person A has 3 questions given to them, such as "Do you like spicy food?" or "What's your favourite genre of film?" and so on. These questions have been decided by Person B
  • Person A gets all 3 correct
  • Persons B's photos have now been unlocked, with more profile information.

That's the kinda rough working. Of course, when Person A finds Person B they are given B's age, sex and location. They are also given a small Bio. Of course, this isn't the only way for A and B to get to know each other. Another way could be that A sends B a message, and once they've conversed a number of times, both A and B get the option to share profile : images and all.

Elephant in the room

Ok, so that's the basic premise. There is one obvious issue here; physical attraction matters quite a lot.
But after trying Tinder, I just felt sad that we've effectively cut down our interactions based solely on appearance. This is to combat this. This is the opposite. This is about a connection based on personality, before physical attraction.

So, feedback time

Please, I would like as much feedback as possible. If people think its rubbish; fine. If they would like to see a prototype; that's great. If you'd like to invest large sums of cash; let's talk. Basically; I want to know what you all think!!

I've shared this with a friend, and they thought it might work better as a Friend Finding app over a dating one; I'm now looking into modifying the premise. I just want as much feedback as possible before I start building!

Please tweet me, Email me, Facebook me, and/or Carrier Pigeon me your ideas. I want to see where this idea goes, and I really need your help to make it happen.

So, mull it over, and tell me what you think.